Everything You Need To Know About Multiple URL Opening Tool
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The address of a webpage is termed a Uniform Resource Locator or in short URL. It is a string of characters that determines the location of a domain or a webpage. It would be practical impossible to be able to find a webpage without a URL.

Accessing Various Web Pages

Opening up one URL maybe effortless, but if there is a need to open multiple URLs, it can get time consuming, especially so when you need to do them on an everyday basis. This is where a multiple website opener comes to your rescue. This tool is available on the internet for free and there is no need to download any application to use the same.

Anybody Can Use

This free online application is extremely simple to use and does not require any special knowledge. The sole requirement of these URL opening tools is that the machine/hardware should be capable opening many URLs at a time with sufficient CPU resources. It is not uncommon for the system to slow down when there are multiple tabs open at the same time. It is just that the Internet connection needs to be good enough to support all the URLs that are being opened at the same point of time.

Benefits Of This Amazing Tool

There are tons of people who find this tool useful. For instance, people who would like to open up many web pages at the same time benefit largely from this tool. And, those who use such tools quite frequent include web designers, Search Engine Optimizing engineers, and social media marketing experts, who are always dealing with dozens of web pages simultaneously.

This tool is especially useful to the SEO engineers and analysts who work constantly on optimizing a website for the sake of making their desired websites rank in search engines. In the field of off page optimization, link building is an imperative activity. Digital marketers open multiple URLs on a daily basis. When a person is opening over 15 URLs at the same, it can take up a great deal of productive time, and such tools actually speed up the access time, and prevent the system from freezing.


How Do Multiple URL Openers Work?

This online tool has an input area, much like a text box that accepts inputs in the form of text. It is recommended that the list of URLs are maintained by saving them in a notepad so that this list can be copied and pasted on to this input area whenever required. There is an ‘action’ or ‘open URLs’ button at the bottom of the input area.

Once the URLs are pasted here, one must click that button in order to open up all the URLs that are listed in the input box. The URLs are generally opened in the same browser as the tool in various tabs. This is a free tool that is available online and it can be of great help. You can check out the working of the tool for yourself to see how easy and useful it is.

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