SEO Techniques for Higher Rankings – Focus On Long Term Business Goals
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Whenever you hear someone talk about their website, you cannot avoid hearing about SEO. It seems to be a nightmare to some and a pleasant dream to others. By statistics, only a very small percentage of websites can appear in the first few pages of Google search results. Here are some things about SEO that will keep your business going, even when the markets keep fluctuating.


A Long-Term Process

There is no magic SEO bullet to bring your website to the top ranking overnight. In reality, search engine optimisation is quite a gradual process and it takes time and sustained effort to bring results. In order to understand and succeed with SEO and increase your traffic, consider these points:

  • Google wants people to type in something and find what they want
  • The search engine has to go through millions of websites and present the most relevant results
  • The company uses advanced search algorithms to find out the most relevant websites for the words typed in (these are the keywords)

SEO is the process of understanding these algorithms and then tweaking your website, so that the search engine will find your website relevant. There are no two ways about how this works. You need to keep tweaking and testing to see your website in the top two pages on Google search results.


Optimize Your Links

Google bases its algorithms on keywords. People optimize for keywords everywhere, but forget about links. It is important for your URL to be readable by the search engines. For many websites, especially based on CMS, the links are a combination of random numbers and letters that make little sense. Here are some techniques to optimize your URL’s.

  • Make sure there are no duplicate URL’s that point to the same page
  • The URL’s should ideally have the title of the page or at least a part of it
  • Use hyphens to separate the words in the URL rather than underscores or other characters

These techniques will help make it easier for search engines to guess what the page is all about, so they can put them in a particular category. You could also hire reliable SEO services for professional help.


Don’t Stuff Keywords

Often people create websites for search engines. This means they are stuffed with keywords and do not make a lot of semantic and grammatical sense. This will temporarily raise your rankings. However, when users go away from the page as soon as they land, your bounce rates increase and so does your ranking.

Search engines will penalize your website for overusing keywords because they do not help the visitors in any way and thus are largely irrelevant to their purposes.

Conclusion: SEO is not something that you do once and go about your business. It is a sustained process, which needs to be taken care of throughout the year. For most businesses, it takes too much time and expertise, which is why you can hire or buy SEO service and let the professions assist your business efficiently.

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