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Stock photo solutions have become extremely popular online. Everything from homemade Christmas cards to advertising campaigns have been created using stock photo sites. One of the most popular is iStockphoto. If you are thinking about using their services consider the following review to gain a fuller picture of what to expect.

Basic Features

Before you can start using iStockphoto you must first be member. From there, you are required to purchase all images one time in order to gain the right to use them. All of their images are royalty free and come with extended licenses. This is a major plus for buyers using them in advertising. Other basic features include:

  • Compensation for photographers up to 20% commission
  • Referral program $10 for buyers
  • Various upload methods including HTML, Image Manger Application, iPhoto plugin
  • Payout methods through PayPal, Payoneer, and MoneyBookers
  • Easy application method for photographers, simple 3 image examples to be approved

Pros and Cons for Buyers

In general, iStockphoto is great for buyers. The quality of the images is high and there are no royalties to deal with. However, one complaint buyers do have is malfunctions once credits are purchased to download items. Although this is a rare occurrence, it is nonetheless annoying to buyers. As a one stop shop for stock photos, iStockphoto sticks out amongst its competitors as an excellent download location no matter what buyers are looking for.

Pros and Cons for Photographers

Trying to sell and retain commission for images on iStockphoto can be tricky. Many buyers have made claims that they have failed to get their share of the images they uploaded to the site. This can present a serious issue for photographers. However, cool features such as a photographer rating system and free download sections have made the site extremely popular, giving it the highest download rate amongst competitors.

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