Things You Should Know About Green Hosting
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Have you ever wondered, why large companies aren’t doing anything in order to stop, or just slow down global warming? Why don’t they invest at least part of their huge income, in order to reduce level of pollution? Well, for quite some time, the situation was dire. But, recently the situation has changed, and the conscious of larger imperium had turned a bit greener. With the ever growing number of web sites, reducing pollution from here was quite a logical thing to do. “Green servers”, as they are called, are growing popular ever since. They offer the same performances, but with lower emission of harmful elements. These are some information on why to change onto this type of web hosting.

Power Source

By switching from standard electrical power source, to more eco-friendly one, servers had maintained level of their performance, but, at much better conditions. Simply put, in order to produce standard electrical power, very often coal is used, and huge amounts of smoke is ejected into the atmosphere. Higher consumption leads to higher production, which later leads to higher production of electrical energy.

If a large company switches to eco-friendly power source, harmful effects are completely avoided and nullified. Solar panels are easy to set up, or power of the wind and tides can easily be used in order to produce electrical energy. Although not all companies may invest funds in order to obtain this kind of power source, it is possible for them to be powered from eco-friendly companies that do such business. This is sealed up with so-called “Renewable Power Certificates”, which are given to a company which uses green power source.


Not only electrical energy is the source of the problem. By using hardware, parts are wearing out, getting old, and replaced. Most often, those parts get thrown away. But, can it be reused? Nowadays, it is most common to everything get recycled, so this is the case with the greener companies. Instead of simply throwing away old or worn out parts, those are sold to companies which are doing this kind of business. That company which does this may benefit greatly on this matter. Certain discounts or other beneficial terms may be applied, in order to encourage this practice. Also, it is up to country in which company is situated, to have regulations and laws which will support this type of behavior. For example, if you wish to make your hosting Australia situated, first you will need permission first.


Good commercial will ensure that overall consciousness is raised. Average human will pay more attention to the matter if some well-known persona is behind the attempt to transport the message. Luckily, there are a lot of web sites and social media such as Facebook and Twitter, which can help greatly, and don’t require much effort from the common user. A few years ago, there was an excellent act of support from the Google Company. They have launched site called “blackle”. It is the same web searching engine as the Google is, only without using the extra power to power well-known white color find on majority of web sites. At the moment of writing of this article, numbers say that 4,724,155.032 Watt hour had been saved. That is quite a lot, don’t you agree?

Other Activities

There are other companies, which are more into the literal kind of helping hand. Some of those will make fundraising evenings, in order to make money which will be invested into something much needed in that neighborhood. Others will, however, give out their best to make a decent tree planting program and schedule. Some will, on the other hand work on a different approach, so they will instruct their employees on how to reduce energy consumption. Turning off the lights when not needed, saving on energy within company itself is also an important factor in saving our planet.

With everything said taken into consideration, there are a lot of things you can do, providing you have a company which can save some energy. Even though that company may be someone’s other’s, you can inflict enormous impact on that matter. Be the triggering mechanism. Be the one that starts the action, rather than waiting for something to happen.

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