Building Up a Loyal Customer Base
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Businesses trading in large Canadian cities such as Toronto or Montreal are always going to face large competition from other companies. Since these are such huge cities with a massive population in each, you could find that your business really struggles. Rather than trying to constantly get new customers to your business, one way to combat competition is to try and build up a loyal customer base for your firm.

1. Offer Incentives to Customers

Customers are always going to go to the company which offers them the best value for money. For some people, this means a cheap service; for others, good customer service is better. However, many customers will come to your business if it means that they’ll get the most out of it. You can’t expect people to keep using your services just because it’s you. One good way to offer incentives to your customers is to have loyalty cards. This means that the more they use your business instead of others, the more rewards they will reap. The imprimante fargo equipment montréal has been proven to work very well in many companies across Canada, simply because it provides a reason for using the company’s products more and more. Plum Rewards cards are an example of loyalty cards, and Cineplex offer points for the more movies you come to watch at their cinemas.

2. Remember Occasions

Customers feel very special when you remember special occasions such as their birthdays or anniversaries. If they come into your shop and mention that they’ve just gotten engagement, it’s their wedding anniversary or they’ve just got married or had a baby, offer them a special something as a gift. This could be 10% off their purchase, a free gift bag or a small gift voucher to use next time they come into the store. Even though you might think it’s very small and insignificant, a lot of companies won’t go the extra mile to make their customers happy.

3. Start a Newsletter or Free Monthly Subscription

One of the best things that you can do in order to keep your customers loyal to your business is to start a regular newsletter than they can sign up to. Apart from getting hold of their email addresses to contact them with new offers and events which they might be interested in, you’ll keep reminding them of the existence of your company by popping messages into their email inboxes every so often. As long as it’s free, your customers will sign up without a problem. If you have any special offers on, you can add this to the newsletter and send it out to all the subscribers. If they weren’t planning to buy something from you, this might encourage them to make a purchase.

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