What Does SEO Process Consist Of
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Search is becoming the basic human activity in 21st century. Interacting with search engines is just an ordinary daily activity like brushing your teeth or having a dinner. It is almost a necessity which people no longer imagine their lives without. Every year the number of people using search engines on daily basis grows at nearly 20%. In this context SEO is extremely important for every website owner that wants to draw the fleeting attention of netizens. SEO process is a certain set of techniques and methods in a particular order. SEO process should be carried out on a continual basis if you want to have an ongoing success. Consistency is a key factor here.

The process of search optimization can be divided into several fundamental phases or stages:

  • Research
  • Content Creation
  • Website Optimization
  • Social & Link Building

Search engine optimization requires accumulation of an incredible amount of data in order to set the right goals, learn about the rules set up by search engines or updates on the formulas, learn about the competition and benchmark websites, find the most popular keywords and trends, etc.

Higher positions on SERPs are critical to visibility of a website or social media page. It is impossible to get at the top without a proper content that backs you up. Content should be created a continuous process, only this way a website can be fresh and interesting for returning visitors. Articles should be original and of a proper length to get a better position in the rankings. Spin-off articles are not an option for a company that respects its clients and values its reputation. Having a good writer or translator in your team is just as important as having a programmer or accountant, if your primary audience dwells in the web. Digital marketing is nothing without high-quality content.

Website optimization is a little more technical side of SEO process. At this stage you need to apply set of rules to your website structure and code. It all comes down to website design, URLs, redirections, navigation, local search listings, mobile search optimization, robots.txt, website map, etc. Every page should have proper meta tags and descriptions. It is better to hire people with a more technical side of skills and thinking for this job, who understand the intricacies about design, code and structure. Copywriters that live in the world of words and imagination are not too fitting here.

Social media and link building are closely connected, but stand for two different things. Social media is about reaching out to the target audience and building a relationship with people. Links are needed for content distribution and virility, traffic accumulation for a website, promotion of products. Keep in mind that social media is about communication, while link building is about traffic inflow or outflow. Link-building is impossible without other platforms or websites. Getting mentioned in a positive context on other blogs is a major driver of external traffic. Link-building is a SEO process that requires reaching out to the relevant blogs’ owners, industry experts or unions, competitors, existing clients and employees. Link-building not only provides more leads to a website, but also builds reputation and trust in the eyes of search engines that count all the inbound links from relevant well-reputed and established websites. When talking about links relevancy is as important as quantity. Good link-building instills trust in visitors and search robots as to the worthiness and relative importance of the company or website.

Learning the foundations of SEO process and applying them to your own website is a major step in achieving standard business goals of attracting new customers and building a brand recognition. SEO process should never be regarded in static terms. Web environment is always changing – thousands of new websites emerge every day and create more competition for the high rankings. Some of websites or promotion techniques die out. SEO process is always dynamic and needs a dynamic SEO strategy and team of experts who are capable of facing and dealing with new sudden changes in the search environment. Sunshine Digital Marketing Agency is one of those companies that can gracefully adapt to the emerging trends and perform SEO process on a continuous basis so that your website sit at the top of ranking for years.

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