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The modern world favors the humans in a lot of ways. There is an easy way out for almost all functions and services. Just like any other shopping website there are online food ordering portals using which we can order supreme delicacies. There is a new app called TinyOwl which has been launched recently. The main function of this app is to offer a platform using which the people can place order online from different restaurants and eating outlets. The TinyOwl app is a smart phone compatible medium which can be operated on your mobile device. One can explore a variety of food items near him/her using this amazing online food app.

This venture started in Mumbai and within a short time span it grew to different cities such as Bangalore, Pune, Hyderabad and Gurgaon. The creators of this app have focused on providing an easy interface which can be operated without any hassle. Various functions such as restaurant search, menu cards, restaurant rating, order placement etc can be performed using this app. Now you don’t have to worry about cooking on tiring days. Use the TinyOwl app to search for your favorite dishes that can be ordered within no time from the restaurants around you.

Benefits of TinyOwl App

The Tinyowl food ordering service is quite efficient. The user is offered with the availability to search for eateries near to his/her locality. You can select food from a variety of cuisines which is delivered at your doorsteps using a quick delivery service. This app is a beneficial source to acquire your meal if you are staying alone or if there is an urgent need for delicious food while hosting a party.

Location Detector

This is one of the prime features of the app. It records the current location of the user and if he/she tries to search for different restaurants in town then the app would offer them a list of food destinations close to their surroundings. This automatic detection of food joints proves beneficial in saving time and effort. You can also search for restaurants by manually feeding the location.

Easy Order Placement and Quick Delivery

You can place your order within no time using TinyOwl. The user is provided with the various food destinations along with their menu cards which simplify the task of placing order online. Select your favorite cuisines and place the order within few steps. The customers are provided with an estimated delivery time and the orders are delivered using the quickest possible source.

Order Tracking Feature

This online food app offers a smart feature that helps the user to track his/her order. Under the order section you can check the time-to-time update of your online food order.

Payment Source

The TinyOwl food ordering bills can be paid using your debit or credit card. There are also options for cash-on-delivery but that is available only with limited restaurants.

Conserving Data

This is a smart app as it stores important data. The information related to previously placed orders is preserved under this app. Data related to the user’s delivery address is also saved so as to avoid retyping it when placing a new order.

Final Words

No other online food app offers such amazing and interesting features. TinyOwl has been successful in the above mentioned cities and the company is now planning to expand its business in different parts of the country. You can enjoy its service by downloading the app today on your smart phone. Your search for quality food can be fulfilled using TinyOwl.

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