What Makes A Good User Experience for B2B Websites?
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In the modern business world, B2B marketing has gained worldwide popularity. It refers to the sale of products or services of one company to another company. A user interface is defined as the visual images of a software application that helps a user utilize the benefits of the software. The UI design gives commands to the application program to display relevant information on the computer screen.

Usability heuristics refer to the best methods of creating a UI design. It helps the visitors of your website focus on your company’s message and avoids interruption due to cookies or incomplete design. Your website acts as the first point of contact to attract your customers or potential buyers. Therefore, it is an essential tool of making people aware about your value proposition. To implement an effective business to business website design, you must focus on the customer needs and develop a great UI design. Several factors are essential to build a great UI website design.

KISS Principle (Keep it short and simple)

First impression is always the last impression. You need to attract a customer within ten seconds. A simple UI design helps in communicating your message clearly and helps the visitor to navigate through your website. Implement breadcrumb navigation for easy access on your website.

Page Headers

The website header should display the navigation items that have been clicked by the visitor. Seeing the same information on the page header will reaffirm his/her decision. Moreover, your SEO rankings will also improve.

Highlighting Menu Options

Highlight the selected item on the menu options in the navigation bar, or make it bold to give an instant feedback to the visitor.

Display Progress

A visitor always wants access to quick and reliable information on a website. A good B2B marketing website will always include page load signals when a webpage is loading. When your website shows the progress bar visitors are aware about the complete process.

Avoid Use of Violated Heuristics

Do not implement pop-ups, and automatic actions like display of images automatically or auto-play of videos. These things confuse the visitor and the purpose of communicating your message is not successful. Avoid the use of ambiguous terms and do not include farcical situations. However, you can use live chat pop-ups for instant customer support.

Sticky Menus

They allow the visitor to navigate through your website quickly. It refers to a menu on your website fixed at the corner of your website that appears even when a visitor scrolls down the webpage.

Visited Links

Modern developers and designers use the concept of changing the color of links visited by the visitor to improve user interface design.


The Accelerator implements customized templates, design development methods and naming methods for generating the essential code top develop a software application. The resultant product is user-friendly and minimizes the efforts in testing, finding errors, customization as well as maintenance.

Call to Action

Lead generation is an important objective of a B2B marketing website. Your call-to-action should be accessible as a shortcut placed at top part of the website.

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