A Graphic Designer’s Guide to Creating a Brand Strategy for Your Craft or Design Business
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“Graphic Designers need to create a strong strategy when it comes to creating brand identity. Every business is different and hence the designer needs to come out with a unique graphic designing approach that allows them to maximize the reach of the campaign.”

Do you own a craft or design business? Like all other businesses there would be immense competition from your rivals and this is where you need to work towards building a competitive advantage. To do so you would need to market your business in an engaging manner and this is where a graphic designer can work wonders for you. Since you are in a creative business the designer needs to look beyond the ordinary. Be it with a logo or the label of your brand it should strike the attention of the audience immediately. Here in this short write-up we take a look at how a graphic designer creates a brand strategy that put you ahead of your rivals.

Understanding Customers’ Needs:

The success of any business right from those selling aircrafts to those involved in the craft and design businesses boils down to a single factor – understanding the needs of the customers/clients and trying to exceed their expectations. Before a graphic designer starts working on a strategy he or she needs to have a clear idea about the expectations of your customers. They need to know who your customers are, where are they coming from, what is their age group and sex. All these information allow the designer to formulate a strategy that is tailored for your customers.

Creating Brand Identity:

If you are just launching your business or planning a complete makeover the first task for the graphic designer is to create your brand identity. You must realize that brand identity is not merely about creating a logo. It extends beyond that. ‘Brand’ is an idea which is unique and cannot be replicated and ‘Identity’ is about creating a space in minds of the target audience. Thus creating a strong brand identity is all about taking your idea to the masses. Here the potential customer needs to be educated about the brand, products and services so that they can relate their needs to them.

Highlight the USP of the Brand:

Every business as a USP (unique selling point). For some it is the price of their products or services while for others it is their exclusivity. One of the most important parts of the strategizing process in graphic designing is to understand the USP of the business and highlighting it graphically. For instance if you crafts are handmade by native artists using age old practices this has to be highlighted in the campaign. This will help you earn the attention of the premium customers who are willing to pay the extra price to lay hands on handmade products instead of those rolling out of production lines.

Identify the Channels of Marketing:

Irrespective of how good the artwork is success often rests in choosing the right channels of marketing. If most of your potential customers are online there are few dividends that you would be able to earn from an offline marketing campaign. So a graphic design agency would identify channels of marketing that hold maximum promise for your brand as this allows them to maximize the reach of your campaign and increase your conversion rates. Both in online and offline marketing campaign there are many channels and each of these have their own pros and cons and hence you need to choose them carefully or run a multi-dimensional campaign across different channels.

These are the most important aspects of creating and brand strategy that would be used to market a business. This forms the skeletal structure of running a marketing campaign and of course you can try out your own ideas that help in reaching out of more users, generating strong leads and converting them into sales.

About the Author :

Jake Rudolf is an expert in graphic designing having worked in this industry for more than two decades. He also regularly writes about different aspects of brand promotion and creating a strong brand presence in the market.