4 SEO Practices Which You Should Keep in 2017
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2017 is almost upon us. As we are all quite dedicated to our jobs, we know that preparation is key in SEO. For this reason, we constantly strive to keep updated with the changes that occur, as well as to predict future trends on the web. While every Google update changes the rules of the game (sometimes slightly and sometimes dramatically), some practices have been constantly rewarded by this search engine’s algorithms and there is no indication that this trend will change anytime soon. So, we have prepared a list of the practices which SEO experts recommend that we should keep in the next year.

Strive To Keep Your Website As Light As Possible

Fast website loading times should still remain your greatest priority. In their September update, Google has made it clear that slow-loading websites slow the entire internet down, and that the rankings will reflect the loading times of websites.

The trends indicate that Google will not give up on this idea lightly, as their goal is to speed the whole Internet up by promoting websites with faster loading times. So, it is advised to keep your websites free of all unnecessary information, to cut down on advertisements (of course, to a certain extent, if that is your primary source of income) and incorporate light website designs.

Maintain Mobile Responsiveness

It is a fact that the number of users accessing the Internet from mobile devices, like smartphones and tablets, has surpassed the number of users who access it using desktop computers back in 2014. More recent numbers suggest that the gap between the two types of users will continue to increase.

So, it was only a logical step for Google to introduce mobile responsiveness as a rewarding factor in rankings. Given the more recent analyses and statistics, it is highly likely that this practice will continue, so we advise you to keep it responsive.

Quality Link Building

Link-building has been the backbone of SEO since its inception. The whole SEO world revolves around having well-placed links, and it has been for decades, so it is not strange that we are mentioning this here. However, the way in which link building was done has changed throughout time, and Google keeps perfecting the algorithms which recognize the quality of a link.

For the last few years, quality has had precedence over quantity, which means that the number of backlinks to your site is not really important anymore. Instead, it has been more important to have backlinks on high-ranking websites, complete with good anchor texts – the higher the authority of the website, the better your ranking. All analyses indicate that this will continue and intensify during the next year, so keep it up.

Integration of Social Media

Activity on social media has gained importance during the last year, as Google strives to integrate Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram and others into its algorithms. Also, social media searches are bound to influence the rankings on Google. This is why, today, a good SEO strategy will incorporate a proper SMM campaign that will include constant social media activity.

Some SEO companies go as far as having prepared strategies even for Snapchat and Viber. The good thing about SMM is that it ranks you higher on search engines, but it can also bring more customers by itself. If done properly, it will also keep your brand strong, create a stronger bond with the customers and provide an insight into the whole business for the potential customers.

All in all, keep integrating and coming up with quality Facebook and Instagram stories, Twitter posts and YouTube videos, as it will certainly pay-off.

SEO changes almost on a monthly basis, as Google rolls out its algorithm updates. Also, quality SEO strategists keep themselves informed about Google’s actions outside the SEO arena, and change their strategies if needed. However, there is low chance for some things to change, like the ones we’ve mentioned above.

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