Ecommerce: Establishing Customer Trust and Building Loyalty
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In the world of online shopping, things move fast and with little person-to-person interaction, especially if you have done things right. For new businesses, this environment can be quite confusing, especially for those who are making an expansion from their brick and mortar shop. This lack of direct contact and no dependence on one-on-one salesmanship puts a shroud of mystery on what it takes to achieve a high level of customer trust and loyalty.

We are here to discuss the necessary factors that are needed to achieve these two things in the ecommerce environment. Keep in mind that all these steps are necessary to achieve these goals and that you’ll need to manage them all before you can expect good results.

Design That Works For Your Customers

When creating your first ecommerce online presence you need to focus on finding design solutions that are practical and work for your customers. While having a design that is visually stunning and beautiful can attract attention at first, this kind of approach is usually lacking in the practicality department. The overall design that usually works for ecommerce website is minimalistic, clear, with good contrast. This allows a good overview of products offered, let’s photographs pop and facilitates navigation.

Reliable Product Offer

Since the customers can’t see, touch and analyse the product in person, the product descriptions need to be spot on. There is absolutely no room for mistakes, since it can create distrust, wrong orders and overall bad reviews. Another point which you need to pay attention to is your offer. You absolutely need to make sure that you have the items you are offering in stock.

As soon as you are out of stock, the item needs to get that same status or get completely removed from your website. Placing an order and finding out that the item you wanted is out of stock is one of the biggest disappointments for a customer and they will surely move on to another website after it.

Top Notch Product Photography

This one adds to the previous point and is important for the same reason, the lack of opportunity to check out the product in person. This is why it is a necessity to find professional product photography solutions and stick to them. Make sure the product is photographed from all relevant angles and that it is done by a professional with experience in the niche.

You will have to consider some kind of compression for the photos because a high number of heavy photographs can slow your website’s load time, which is bad for business.


First thing’s first, you need to ensure and guarantee absolute safety of credit card information, which the customers provide. There is no room for negotiations when it comes to this and this is something you need to invest in. You also need to provide a payment option for most credit card types. The best way to go about this is to check out some credit card processing reviews and find an option that works for you. This way you can manage all of this without having to pay for custom development which can be very cumbersome to your budget.

Customer Support

The thing about ecommerce is that even when you do everything right something can still go wrong or a customer can find something confusing. This is why establishing good customer support is something you absolutely need to do. Instant chat during working hours is a good way to go, as well as support through ticket submission.

If you have the resources, opening a call centre is also great, since it can cut time and provide even more security and trust. Make sure your support staff is well trained and that they can handle all the situations that can potentially arise.

It is all about the mentality to provide your customers with the best experience possible and leaving as little room for mistakes as possible. By going through these steps, you will be able to increase customer loyalty, as well as your conversion rates. Don’t get tangled up in metrics and treat all your customers like they have just walked into your shop and asked a question of a salesperson.

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